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24. Mātakitaki River Sand

Updated: Oct 1, 2020

Based on 'Rock glazes of NZ' Minna Bondy

Sample 81. Mātakitaki River Sand

Mainly quartz and feldspar. Occasional flakes of chlorite and small crystals of epidote. Almost certainly derived from schist.

The Mātakitaki River runs from the above the Lewis Pass where the previous sample 22. Lewis Pass Gravel was gathered from. I wasn't alone as I gathered this sample as there were some keen gold panners trying their luck. It's not the best of images but the blue photo below shows the shining a gold fleck in the centre of her container. My own samples also sparkled in the sunlight. The name Mātakitaki translates to gaze, watch, inspect and examine, which I'm sure you would have to do a lot to make any kind of fortune

This sample reduced fast in the ball mill to a fine sandstone like powder.

24A 24B

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