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Lindsay's Post Canister, Granite Lid

Lindsay's Post Canister, Granite Lid


Inspired by Barry Brickell's domestic ware canisters and thrown on-site at Driving Creek Potteries during a month-long residency. 


My focus at Driving Creek Pottery was to make site-specific glazes from the surrounding area.


All glazes were made on-site using materials sourced or processed in the Coromandel.


The clay used is a mix of Driving Creeks "Corogold", Macs Mud buff, and Pahiatua wild clay.


Lindsay's Post is a marine mudstone glaze from Paritu Wharf in the Coromandel with the lid glazed in both marine mudstone and Coromandel granite. 


Named after local residency Lindsay, an old mate of Barry Brickell. Lindsay discovered the mudstone 30 years ago while digging a fence post on a neighboring farm. 


18cm x 10cm x 10cm




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