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New Zealand Rock Glazes


Glazed with rock sourced from Paraninihi/Mt Messenger, Taranaki and the Matemateonga formation. This 6 million-year-old iron-rich marine mudstone produces an oily blue-black and rust-red Tenmoku glaze.



During the Taupo eruptions, a fiery rock cloud of dust, ash, and pumice blanketed the landscape of the central North Island of New Zealand.

This ash now is revealed below the soil line in roadside cuttings across the central north island and produces this clear green, iron flecked, Celadon glaze. 



Composed of predominantly volcanic ash and pine ash this recipe has been adapted from Phil Rogers Ash Glaze book to utilise New Zealand ingredients from neighborhood fireplaces and roadside cuttings



Glazed with 6 million-year-old marine mudstone sourced from Paraninihi/Mt Messenger, Taranaki. The tones of this olive and sage green glaze reflect the tones of the surrounding Mangapēpeke valley.


Whitecliffs Blacksands

Glazed with 6 million-year-old marine mudstone from the West Coast of New Zealand.

Each piece has a splash of black sand from the foot of the cliffs where the land meets the ocean. 



Collected from a roadside cutting in the central north Island of New Zealand and mixed with pine ash.  This beautiful glaze has been adapted from traditional 14th century Chinese Chun recipes using predominantly NZ ingredients 

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