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I'd love you to receive my product exactly as it left my studio

however, we all know posting can come with a risk.

I will endeavor to take all care at this end but should your parcel arrive damaged please contact me with a photo of the damage as soon as possible.

All works are original one-offs

so although I can not replace exactly we can work toward a solution.


I feel this website gives a clear representation of my work.

Colour on pots will always vary  

My pottery is handmade, not machine-made, so it's inherently wonky with drips

marks and unique qualities, no two products are ever the same, so please accept the beauty of mismatched over matchy matchy.

However, if you are truly dissatisfied with a product ( and cant gift it to someone) I am happy for you to return it at your cost within a 7 day period for refund or exchange.

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