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11 Green Teabowls

Having a play with the greener tones of the Bondy glazes. The aim is to produce a palette of New Zealand glazes which will be mapped with locations and images of the environment they were sourced from. This is a work in progress as some of the glazes are hard to apply so it takes a bit of practice with each one. The glazes are applied thinly with a second dip to the rim, these rims turned out quite beautiful and none of these glazes ran, so next time I will be braver with the thickness.

There is something truly magical about this process, with a bit of random beauty from my impatience. I attempted to fire my kiln faster, hotter and shorter... however I managed faster, cooler and way longer with the kiln stalling for a good couple of hours at 1000 degrees. The time between the pyrometer reaching its max and cone nine going over is like watching a pot boil, so I often take off for lunch to curb my impatience. This time I returned to nine still standing so I eased back on the gas ( yup to much gas can cool the kiln...🤷🏽‍♀️) and waited several more hours for ten to touch its toes. The results of a long soak are always pretty wonderful, so I know not to worry about these happy accidents.

The locations of the glazes below are Rangitata River, Opihi River, Buller River, Lake Okataina, Ngogotaha, Hinuera, Hurinui River, Banks Penisula, Whanganui Beach, Rangitata river. The South island sites are covered in my previous blogs and the North Island sites are still to be published.

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