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15. Opihi River Sand

Updated: Sep 30, 2020

Based on 'Rock glazes of NZ' Minna Bondy

Sample 94. Fairlie River Sand

Probably derived from fine-grained schist.

Hanging out under bridges isn't that idyllic but this one seemed to create a somewhat cinematic frame to the Alps. I have been processing thoughts and ideas around Bondy's intentions on this trip and her work process. Bondy's sample numbers don't seem to reflect any pattern numerically. However, I have chosen to source them inland as the samples themselves do follow the main road between Christchurch to Wanaka which is close to the lakes. Inland samples will also have less input of minerals from tributaries flowing from other sources.

My plan is to test-fire the samples and those that show merit can be researched further as to where their headwaters stem from and what their composition is. The results of the firings and the updated material will be added to the blogs as I progress. The blogs are a working document and a place to collate information. They will also continue to be a place for grammatical errors and spelling mistakes as my main focus has always been making with my hands rather than perfecting the English language. Apologies to all those bothered by this!

Test 15A, 15B

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