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A Taranaki Palette

Through my study into the geology of the Taranaki landscape, I have experimented and developed six stable glazes. These glazes are predominantly composed of Early Tertiary Mudstone (Papa). This mudstone is a result of sediment from rocks such as andesite eroding many millions of years ago, washing down rivers and depositing on the ocean floor.

In the Taranaki region, Waitomo and King Country this mudstone forms our contemporary landscape. It is this degraded rock that all my glazes are developed from. I have also developed unique glazes where the sedimentary minerals have been blended with the crumbling remnants of volcanic debris such as andesites. Some rocks have been ejected from eruptions and formed other beneficial crystals in their cooling.

Recipes are developed from the notes of other potters and recipes found in glaze folders at our local clubrooms. These recipes come with little knowledge of expected results and I have relied upon numerous tests and trial and error to create these stunning end results.

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