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An afternoon with Ann Bondy

Saturday 4th July, Titahi Bay

When I first discovered Minna Bondy's book 'Rock glazes of New Zealand'

(1960) I searched for more information on her. There is very little mentioned of her online other than a small article in New Zealand Potter magazine Volume 21 Number 2 Spring 1979.

I had found no makers marks or any references to her work in colour.

A few searches online however lead me to Ann, Bondy's daughter who was excited to hear someone was showing an interest in her mothers work. Ann said that her mother felt unappreciated back in the day and that no-one really understood her endeavours.

Bondy's 1960's publication Rock glazes of New Zealand is black and white and I had never seen colour versions of her work. You can imagine my delight when Ann invited me to lunch and Bondys pots were scattered on display throughout the house, including one with the original tape and glaze identification in use as a toothbrush holder in the bathroom.

31a. Crushed Rhyolite or Ignimbrite (Huka Falls)

Ann pulled out the family photo albums and along with cooking a fantastic lunch we spent the afternoon reminiscing on her mothers career as a potter in Wellington, while scouring the house for Bondy's pots which she had plenty of. I will detail the visit in more detail in the coming days as Bondy's work deserves a wider audience. I now have several colour images of the pots that appear in the black and white plates of the book along with other facts on her life and career. Stay tuned!

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